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Address: No. 15, ancient Chau Road, Wuzhou City, Meizhou, Guangdong, China

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Our company is located in Meizhou, the scenic hometown of overseas Chinese.
Is a professional magnetic material manufacturing enterprises.
"State Level II Enterprises"; Guangdong province high-tech enterprises.
All products meet the requirements of EU ROHS and Norway POHS, some products are US UL certification.
Products are widely used in aerospace, telecommunications, automotive accessories, household appliances, medical devices, toys, culture and teaching and office supplies.
Thirteen products have been awarded national and provincial titles for new products, one technology has been patented by the State and 10 technologies have been patented by the State.
The main products and production capacity are:
Annual production of 4,000 tons of permanent magnet(ferrite tile for DC motor, permanent magnet for microwave), 10,000 tons of bonded permanent magnet powder, 1,000 tons of ferrite particle per year and 2,000 tons of laser printer, heterosexual injection ferrite particle for photocopiers, 1,000 tons of magnetic door seal for refrigerator and 2,000 tons of oak magnet per year


Phone: 86-0753-6127802 6127804 Fax: 86-0753-6127801

Address: No. 15, ancient Chau Road, Wuzhou City, Meizhou, Guangdong, China

Enterprise mailbox: