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1967 establishment of the Meixian Regional Institute of industry

In 1974, it was renamed as a magnetic material factory in Meizhou, Guangdong Province, which mainly made ferrite magnetic rings and antenna rods and other soft magnetic fields.

In 1984, the first phase of the technical reform, the introduction of West Germany, Italy permanent magnet oxygen production line, manufacturing magnetic ring, refrigerator door seal.

In 1986, the injection molding, multi pole magnetic, magnetic tile, magnetic powder and PVC pellet were developed. The door seal of the refrigerator occupied the national market.

In 1987, the two phase of the technical reform, the introduction of Japanese German equipment, the development of magnetic tiles, injection injection magnets, and improve the inspection center project.

In 1997, the country was listed as an export base, and its products were exported to overseas

In 2001, it was listed as the nine dragon of the municipal municipal government industry

In 2003, it was designated as the key protection enterprise in Meizhou

In 2003, a new magnetic powder sintering kiln was new.

In 2004, the new magnetic powder line and the drying kiln were completed and put into operation.

In 2004, the safe production was obtained by the advanced unit of the city.

In 2005, a new drying kiln for the magnetic powder production line was expanded.

In 2006, the Pingyuan mineral processing line was built and put into production.

In 2010, NdFeB is outsourced.

In 2011, new products were developed for injection of heterosexual magnetic granular material.

In 2013, it was named "three level enterprise of standardization of safety production".

In January 2018, the company was transformed into a state-owned company, "Guangdong Meizhou magnetic material Co., Ltd."


Phone: 86-0753-6127802 6127804 Fax: 86-0753-6127801

Address: No. 15, ancient Chau Road, Wuzhou City, Meizhou, Guangdong, China

Enterprise mailbox: