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We come from Hakka

Our corporate culture has a deep Hakka culture brand.

Where there is sunshine, there are Hakka people.

Where there is a piece of earth, where is the Hakka

It is hard to start a business.

The Hakka culture is like the Hakka dwellings.

It is the wisdom and unity of the Hakkas.

The symbol of diligence and simplicity.

Enterprise spirit: diligent, frugal and modest and enterprising

Quality policy: pay attention to customer expectations to improve the ability to continue to improve innovation and innovation

Safety management policy: first prevention of safety and comprehensive management

Mei magnetic team - people-oriented, talent

High level and high quality enterprise management team

High efficiency and high quality administrative team

Professional sales team

Professional customer service team

Professional high quality R & D team



Phone: 86-0753-6127802 6127804 Fax: 86-0753-6127801

Address: No. 15, ancient Chau Road, Wuzhou City, Meizhou, Guangdong, China

Enterprise mailbox: