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Hitachi patent was invalid for rare earth permanent magnet industry alliance litigation victory
Update time:2017-11-7 13:57:56 From:Admin Hits:4446

        Hitachi patent was invalid on rare earth industry alliance win again

        Rare Earth Alliance news, for the rare earth permanent magnet industry technology innovation strategic alliance (Alliance) to Hitachi Metal Corporation ("Hitachi metal") filed an invalid request 6491765 and 6537385 two U.S. patents, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office patent trial and appeal committee recently made a final written verdict, ruling the patent litigation claims all invalid. The decision proved once again that the patent stability of Hitachi metal has serious defects,         Hitachi patent licensing system to achieve through the continuation of the metal tie-in sale, intimidation and other litigation mode. In view of this behavior, the Alliance launched a double battle plan, not only for Hitachi metal bundle tying behavior in Chinese filed an antitrust lawsuit in the United States also filed a patent invalidation procedure. As of now, the         League two line battle is expected to eventually be able to break the Triumphant news keeps pouring in., Hitachi metal for enterprise patent blockade Chinese.

        Hitachi is headquartered in Japan Tokyo enterprises, is the world's largest production and sales of sintered NdFeB enterprises. Through mergers and acquisitions and self research and development, the defendant obtained a lot of sintered NdFeB patents. As of now, Hitachi has more than 600 pieces of metal sintered NdFeB patent.

        Hitachi take the license form, in the area covered by the authorized Patent Licensee under the production and sales of         Hitachi patents related to metal sintered NdFeB magnets, and outside of Japan the licensee is not allowed in the Japanese sales of NdFeB magnets. In China, Hitachi metal only authorized eight companies, blockade in alliance enterprises as the representative of the authorized enterprises subject to Hitachi's patent, is unable to enter the United States, Europe, Japan and other high-end market, which leads the domestic sintered NdFeB magnets with serious excess capacity, industry structure to upgrade.

         In order to break the patent Hitachi metal in sintered NdFeB in the field of the blockade, smoothly expand overseas market, Shenyang general magnet Polytron Technologies Inc, Ningbo Tongchuang magnet Co. Ltd., Ningbo permanent magnet industry Co. Ltd, Ningbo Ketian Magnet Industry Co. Ltd, Hangzhou permanent magnet group Co. Ltd., Ningbo Huahui Magnetic Industry Co Ltd, Guangdong Jiangmen magnetic the source of the new material Co., Ltd. and other 7 companies in August 2013 set up a "rare earth permanent magnet industry technology innovation strategic alliance, cooperative efforts, intent to break Hitachi metal patent blockade.

         After hiring top technology experts at home and abroad and antitrust expert analysis, Hitachi alliance found more than 600 pieces of metal called the patent compared to 20 years ago, the production technology is not a revolutionary innovation. However, Hitachi metal by tying, to apply for litigation, intimidation and other means will belong to others or public technology content of patent applications, and the patent packaging etc., resulting in the original patent expires, still get patent protection. The behavior of Hitachi metal hand in violation of the provisions of the patent law, on the other hand, in violation of the provisions of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" and "anti monopoly law".

         In order to curb the illegal monopoly abuse of patent Hitachi metal act, October 2014, four pronged alliance, enterprise alliance in Ningbo City Intermediate People's court to sue Hitachi metal tying and refuse to license the abuse of market dominance monopoly infringement. At the same time, in August 11, 2014, the alliance with the U.S. patent and Trademark Office filed a patent for the Hitachi core 6491765 and 6537385 metal invalid program.

          In December 2015, the antitrust case in Ningbo has been held, and the case is awaiting a verdict. In February 8, 2016, the patent and Trademark Office of the United States confirmed that patent No. 6491765 and No. 6537385 were invalid. Although Hitachi still has the right to demand review or appeal, but in past cases, very little possibility of verdict. The alliance is confident that the multilateral review process for other patents, as well as the ongoing antitrust action, will continue to win. The Union also hopes to have more industry colleagues to join in, to break Hitachi monopoly metal.

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